January 30, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?


Fake Isle by Amy King
knitted in Noro Cashmere Island, Colorway 10
Rowan Pure Wool DK, avocado
Ravelers find it here.

I mess up a lot. But sometimes, I mess up so badly that I just sort of sit there, staring, thinking, are you kidding me? This glorious boo-boo is a humdinger. I mean, a whopper that I should have noticed, oh say... three days ago when I started this project? And not only is this my mistake, but I took a friend down the road with me, because I was supposed to be teaching her colorwork! Thankfully, she's such a great knitter that I didn't have to do a darn thing on that front. But I did tell her to knit Fake Isle (aka Faux Isle to we interior designers...) on size 3 and 5 circs! I meant to tell her 5 and 6's! I've had so many knitting projects going lately that I pretty much stay confused. And now, Shelly and I both have Faux Isles to fit our children! URGH!


And not only that, but I knitted mine in that incredibly sexy yarn, Cash Island, by Noro. Part cashmere, part wool, part mohair, it is seriously yummy yarn. Yummy yarn that won't be atop my head. Not this time, for sure. Right now, my, urgh! I mean Annabelle's hat has just finished blocking in (almost) hot water with the faint hope that it might actually fit me too. But it's a feeble dream. The last thing I want to do is force a hat where it does not want to go...

I've been knitting a lot the last few days. Sadly, I don't have too much to show for it, yet. I've been working on some patterns, which for me, can take several prototypes. (Thankfully not as many as Mr. Dyson!) And we started the KAL for Hemlock at the yarn shop. I only had to rip it out 5 times before fully grasping the concept. I'm considering myself lucky after some of the horror stories I'm now hearing! But Hemlock is so lovely, and once you get going, it really knits up quickly on size 10's. Hopefully I'll make significant progress in the next couple of weeks there as well.
So with Valentine's Day just around the corner, check back in soon! I've got a couple of new patterns that knit up quickly... but your honey will never know! Shhhhhh...


UPDATE: Thank goodness wool likes to loosen up a bit when relaxing in the bath. Fake/Faux/MY Isle hat will indeed fit atop my head! And after checking with Shelly, her hat fits her just fine too! Whew!

----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Shannon  DATE: 01/30/2008 06:01:04 PM I can relate! I knit a pair of amazing socks (self striping red and white), but I cast on the wrong number. Since they were stockinette I didn't realize it....until I tired them on almost to the toes. WAY too small. I was so upset....they haven't been frogged yet.
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Leslie  DATE: 01/30/2008 07:28:50 PM Well, I don't see the problem and it looks awesome! The colors are really nice.
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Jennifer  DATE: 01/30/2008 07:42:03 PM Ms. Turkey-I think I'm going to adopt EZ's philosophy... if it doesn't fit me, it'll fit someone, sometime! Leslie, that Cash Island is dreamy... a total hottie! :-)
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: julie  DATE: 01/31/2008 02:13:20 PM wow - one seriously sexy hat - I'm glad it has expanded a little and you get to wear it!
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Cora  DATE: 02/15/2008 01:26:19 PM Beautiful hat, to bad i don't wear them. I wear my Calorimetry or Quant as I usually have my hair in a ponytail. No one else I know wears hats, except for the hubby. Cora

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