June 17, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

Juniper Mitts
Juniper Mitts by Jennifer Adams
Project Specs:
Knit in O-Wool Balance, 120 yards, colorway 3125, Jade.
Knitted on US size 6 Crystal Palace 35" circular needles.

While the kids are visiting the grandparents for two weeks, Andy decided to surprise me with a little getaway of our own, to the mountains of Colorado.  And I couldn't dream of a better place than the tranquil ski village of Breckenridge to post a new pattern from.  My friend Shelly, and owner of our great yarn shop, Twist, recently gave me a single skein of yarn.  It was a sample from the yarn rep and since it was only 130 yards there wasn't really much to be done with it.  And this got me to thinking about stash busting.  In particular, stash busting with those lone left over skeins of great yarn from big projects.  So I gratefully took the skein (one never turns down yarn...) and started playing around with it over the next few days.  It didn't take long to come up with a quick fingerless mitt pattern, and thankfully, a pattern that comes in just shy of 120 yards.  Not bad.

Just 120 yards... not bad!
The Juniper Mitts are a simple spiraling rib pattern that can easily be knitted up in a weekend.  I knitted this pair in O-wool, and really like the soft texture of the blended wool and cotton.  But they will work in any worsted weight yarn.  I've also knitted a pair in Lang Tweed and have a third started in Malabrigo.  Their only embellishment comes from the addition of two large or four medium sized buttons on the cuff.  Enjoy!

And as for other news, Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits has tagged me.  Apparently I have to tell you 6 things about myself, starting from what I was doing ten years ago?  Andy says I can't remember that far back.  I say he's crazy because I can remember that far back, my hands and feet swell just thinking about it.  I was very, very with child, specifically our firstborn, Benjamin.  As a matter of fact it was around this same time of year, 10 years ago, that I officially did my first beached whale flop on the bed and had to yell for help to get up. I'll never forget Andy standing at the end of the bed staring at me, asking "what did you dooooo?" I would have smacked him if I could have reached him without getting a full body cramp.  "Just pull me up!"  was my reply.  The fact that he grunted upon granting my request is something I still remember clearly.  Can't remember my foot...

Now, five things on my to-do list for today... this really isn't fair since I'm on vacation, but I'll do my best:

~ run 4 miles along the Blue River that runs between Breckenridge and Frisco
~ not fall out of the raft and need "bobbing" to be retrieved while white water rafting through Browns Canyon
~buy sunscreen and bottled water
~email pictures back home to Dad of abandoned gold mines in Leadville
~take nap (you knew that was coming after the first two!)

and five snacks I enjoy:

~yogurt with blueberries and granola (I eat this every day, a couple of times a day)
~NUTELLA on a spoon (aka heaven on a spoon)
~Snickerdoodle cookies
~Mint Chocolate Chip Frappachinos from Starbucks, but I'm trying to quit after reading the nutritional facts at the Starbucks website... let's just say I'd be better off with a couple of BK Whoppers
~ripe tomatoes straight from the garden (salt shaker and lawn chair included)

and what would I do if I were a billionaire?

~probably mostly what I do now, only with a lot more yarn.

Where have I lived?

Just in the US, except for a stint in New Orleans.  Yeah I know, technically New Orleans is in the United States, but it is it's own world... ;-)

Thanks for the tag Julie!  And I hope you guys enjoy the new pattern!  I doubt I'll post again while up here in the mountains.  I can't hardly get a signal for shoot and it has taken me nearly two hours to get this post finished!  But I'll be looking forward to catching up on all of my bloglines when I get home and see what everyone else has been up to.  Happy Knitting!

----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: lucy  DATE: 06/17/2008 05:48:08 AM Such a fantastic colour on the mittens. The button is a sweet addition!
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Spiffy Knits!  DATE: 06/17/2008 07:16:44 AM Snickerdoodles! And tomatoes right out of the garden -- my lawn chair is pulled up right next to yours! My FIL gave us 7 varieties of heirloom tomatoes this spring. My mouth is watering in anticipation. Yum!
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Denise DATE: 06/17/2008 08:32:18 AM Beautiful, and the backdrop too! What a lovely hubby to surprise you like that :)
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Jen in KS DATE: 06/17/2008 09:03:53 AM Oh, so THAT'S why there's a mountain in the shot. Enjoy the cooler air, Jen.
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Saralyn  DATE: 06/17/2008 12:49:07 PM We had our honeymoon not far from there. It is lovely in the summertime. Enjoy.
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Shannon  DATE: 06/17/2008 03:54:40 PM What a beautiful setting. You are a very lucky girl indeed.
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Myriam DATE: 06/18/2008 02:18:17 PM great pattern! How lovely to be whisked away on a vacation, it looks beautiful. Your right Nutella is the best i love it!!!!!! and tomatoes fresh from the garden MMMMMM when i was younger me and my best friend were Very Naughty we used to steal fresh tomatoes from the garden of a sweet old lady that lived by us-Oh they were so good But i have matured and now i have my own plants-no more stealing from neighbors for me :) Enjoy the rest of your vacation
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: julie  DATE: 06/20/2008 09:06:14 AM The mittens are fab as are the pictures - what a wonderful place to be whisked off to. Hope you're having a wonderful time and thanks for taking up the tag!
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Christy  DATE: 07/03/2008 06:50:41 AM Those are too cute. Maybe I can try them on a smaller hank of homespun??

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