January 22, 2008

Generic (Latvian) Braid Pattern


CO stitches designated by the pattern in Main Color. Place marker and join for knitting in the round. Round 1: Knit. Round 2: Bring MC to front as if to purl. Join CC and purl 1 stitch in contrasting color. Bringing the MC over the CC, purl the second stitch. Continue purling, bringing each yarn over the other, alternating colors. (This will cause your yarn to twist, so allow yourself plenty of tension.) Round 3: Beginning with CC, purl, continuing to alternate colors as in previous round, only bring each yarn under the previous yarn. (This will cause your yarn to twist the opposite direction, until completely untwisted.) Round 4: Knit in MC. Continue with pattern instructions.
For a really clean embellishment, knit the round before and the round after the braid in your contrasting color.


----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Janey DATE: 02/26/2008 06:05:50 PM That generic braid looks very much like the Latavian mitten braid. It - the generic braid as well as the Latavian one - fascinate me. Not that I have been brave enough to try either ... I only found your blog tonight while surfing. (Knit like a Latavian is/was a blogspot blog and there is now a group in Ravalrey by the same name. Another fact which I only found out tonight.) Perhaps finding all these references to such a fine looking ridge for a hat are a sign that I should get my needles out! Thank you, Janey
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Jennifer  DATE: 03/03/2008 08:23:25 AM Hey Janey, I'm so sorry to be responding late, I (and my family) have been down with the flu since last Tuesday. (UGH!) The braid is just a "generic" braid used in colorwork. You mainly see it in Nordic or Latavian knitting patterns. I love it because it is a great alternative to using a garter ridge row or an I-cord, which can sometimes be pretty time-consuming with having to pick up stitches. I most recently used it on my Norwegian mittens by Elizabeth Zimmermann. She called for either a garter row or I-cord for the cuff, but I loved using the braid because it also causes the cuff to "flare" out. Good luck with your knitting--you can stick a braid on nearly anything! :-) Jennifer 

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