December 13, 2013

We've Bought the Farm

Quite literally.  We've bought the farm.   Forty-six beautiful acres of Kansas prairie, complete with cross fenced pastures and barns.  (Can anyone say sheep?)

The adventures of our farm life are found at NIK's companion site, Life at Abel Hill Farm.  With a new baby (who is almost a year old), kids growing up, and now chickens and soon to be sheep, I've found little to no time for knitting lately.  I've worked on a few projects, but nothing that required pattern reading. 

I can't get over the response Graham has had!  I'm trying to keep up with my email correspondence, and answer questions in a timely manner.  But if you've emailed me and think I'm ignoring you, please send your email again!  There's a chance it's gotten lost in a sea of emails that accumulated while I was offline during the move.

If you're interested in things farm related, and enjoy watching a city girl screw up a farm royally, then you should check out the new site.  It's little more than a journal of what we're learning (often the hard way) as we settle into a new life on the prairie.

I hope all is well with everyone.  And that this time of year finds you knitting feverishly!

Happy Knitting~


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