November 8, 2012

Camp Out Races...

Camp Out Fingerless Mitts, [ jenleigh's ] version.

Knit using both Noro Kureyon (colorway 217) and Silk Garden (colorway 337).
Knit on size US 7s.
Modifications below.

Baby Girl is due December 25th.  I. Kid. You. Not.  And I'm starting to panic a bit (a lot...) about having everything ready in time.  Furniture is due to arrive November 19th so we have a timeline for finishing up last minute touches to the nursery.  And I have a box full of layette and goodies waiting to be washed and put away.  (I'm stressing myself out thinking about it!)  But I still want to make sure I get Christmas knitting finished!  Handmade is just way better...

Because I'm limited for time this year, I decided to let Noro do the hard work for me, and I'll just take all the credit!  I love these Camp Out fingerless mitts by Tante Ehm.  The pattern is really simple and fast.  Not to mention the mitts turn out so lovely knit up in Noro, and are a knit that is sure to get lots of wear during the winter months.

The mitts shown Center are knit in Silk Garden, the outer mitts in Kureyon.
I still have a couple more pair to knit, and have been modifying the pattern slightly as I go along.  Here are my notes from my project page on Ravelry:

Believe it or not the pair of mitts shown in the browns and the pair shown in the yellow/turquoise mix come from the same colorway! I knit one pair from the center pull of 2 balls and the other from the outer of the same.

• I knit all 3 pair on size US 7s, but the Silk Garden came out quite a bit larger (shown center), which is GREAT because these mitts are really small. I personally like the Silk Garden version much better, and the color changes are much more dramatic. Not to mention the mitts are way softer.

• I also modified the sore thumb. There wasn’t much allowed for the thumb in the original pattern which made the mitts tight around my hand (I have really skinny hands). So I just added a second row of knitting between decrease rounds for the thumb and the size worked out much better, and there is more room for the hand.

• I still have a couple more pair of these to knit and I plan on either increasing 2 stitches either side of the wrist or finishing with 2 garter ridges because they are really tight.

Using a Basic Knit bind off makes these mitts nearly impossible to put on so instead I opted to: (k2tog, sl st back to left needle knitwise, k2tog) and repeating () to end of round. I’ll use this same bind off with extra wrist stitches or a garter ridge edge.

Even after blocking the Kureyon mitts are really small. If your want a little wiggle room I would recommend sizing up to a US 8.

I have some baby things finished and photos taken so I'll be posting them soon!  I hope everyone is well!

Happy Knitting!

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