January 2, 2012

B. E. N.

Benjamin Slouch Hat, [ jenleigh ]'s version.
First, Happy New Year!  I hope everyone is looking forward to the new year (and new knits) with renewed energy.  I giggle a little as I say that because I have been down for a week with a sinus infection gone wild.  And then I look around the house knowing I will soon need to take down all the holiday decorations that I swear I just put up 12 hours ago... well maybe I'll go back to bed today.  But just for today!

Second, I've got to say, having a teenager in the house provides lots of laughs, and lots of knitting inspiration.  My pattern Graham has really taken off.  Thank you for all your sweet comments and questions.  It's been fun knocking ideas around with you!  My son, Ben (whose middle name is Graham) told me exactly what he wanted in a hat, and I've enjoyed seeing how other guys like the pattern as well.

Another idea I've been kicking around for the last month is the "inside out" hat.  I knit Woolly Wormhead's Chunkeanie, and loved it so much I knit several for family and friends.  I love this idea, and found a couple of great designs by the giants (i.e. Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors) that also incorporated stripes into the mix.  For me this is like taking a caramel and adding sea salt...

My new pattern incorporates these two ideas and will be released this week.  Ben has been brainstorming this pattern idea with me, so I hope it will resonate with all of your guys (and gals) as well!

Be looking for the new pattern this week.

Happy Knitting!

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