January 19, 2009

The Best Damn Man Hat. Period.


Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur from Through the Loops
Knitted in Noro Kochoran, #40 colorway, and a small amount of Eco wool for the edging and braid.  Knitted using US size 8 needles.  
Ravelers find it here.

Guys are fickle.  And guys are really fickle about hats.  Even when you give them something you think they're gonna really like, they may even tell you they really like, but then you might discover later, say after giving them something different, that they weren't really all that crazy about that other one.  It might take a while, maybe even a year... but eventually they'll explain what they did and didn't like about the first hat... you know, the one still hanging on the hall tree... with a bit of dust collecting on the crown?   And if your guy is like my guy you might have a one hat sorta guy on your hands.  So getting it just right may take time, but when you do get it right, save the pattern because you'll be going back to it when it's time to knit another.  Because that one hat sorta guy has a mantra... if it ain't broke don't fix it. 

Meet Andy's new hat.  Thorpe.  When I gave him Thorpe this past Christmas he put it on his head and exclaimed... "this is the best damn man hat.  Period."  Now that is exactly what a knitter wants to hear!  I was really interested to understand what caused such a declaration, so I asked, "what makes this one better than last year's hat?" 
"The yarn is super warm..."
"The hat fits snug on my head..."
"The brim isn't falling down over my eyes..."
(Now we're getting somewhere.)  "You mean the ribbing?"
"Yeah the ribbing.  I don't like ribbing unless it's really long where I can fold it up easily."
(Mental note.) "What else?"
"Oh, and I love the ear flaps.  Ear flaps are cool."
(Ear flaps good.  Got it.) "Well I'm glad you like it honey."
"Oh yeah.  This hat rocks."


And the proof is in the pudding.  We've been having temperatures in the single digits lately and he has worn Thorpe every day to the office and running errands around town.  The combination of a great yarn, Noro Kochoran, and earflaps is clearly a match made in heaven.  I loved working with the Kochoran.  I haven't used any Noro bulky before and chose this yarn because of it's handspun appearance.

This is a great pattern and can easily be reworked any size head by modifying the yarn and needle sizes.  And it's a really fast knit... many (many) of you know this already...  I think 9 out of 10 knitted at least one for Christmas 2008!  I'm looking forward to working up a couple more for the kiddos as well.

I've been MIA for some time now, huh?  I didn't even realize how long until I looked at my last post dated October 3rd!  My schedule hasn't allowed for too much knitting lately, but I have finished a few things that are waiting to be blocked and photographed.  And I've been on a hat kick lately.  Maybe because when you get out of the habit you just want to enjoy something small (and fast).  Okay nevermind, I always want it fast!  Happy knitting!


----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Denise  DATE: 01/19/2009 06:21:45 PM It does look good. Glad he likes it (and appreciates it) so much. Makes it all worth while doesn't i :)
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Sue  DATE: 01/20/2009 10:42:48 AM Know what you mean.... My son bought it home when he paid ¬£27 for an acrylic bobble hat because it was 'just right'!!!!!!
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Matthew DATE: 01/23/2009 09:29:11 PM Looks great, Jen!!! I made my Thorpe with Rowan Cocoon and some Araucania for the border/braids. I love your Kochoran #40 Thorpe - I may have to do another Thorpe now!
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Leslie DATE: 01/25/2009 09:34:25 AM I love the Thorpe pattern but I'm not sure I could convince my guys to wear it. Maybe I should just knit one and see what happens! (And where have you BEEN? We need to chat...)
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Christine  DATE: 02/06/2009 12:41:37 PM It looks great! It's on the list for my hubby's hat too.
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: megan  DATE: 03/27/2009 01:51:39 AM Just thought I'd check out your blog since Ravelry listed us as "neighbors" for similar pattern tastes! My sister in law lives in Wichita - maybe I can knit some up for her pre-man sons...

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