April 9, 2008

Rediscovering Mojo


It has been a bad week for knitting.  For the past few days I couldn't knit a garter stitch dishrag without frogging it ten times.  It seems like every knit I have cast on since Fiddlehead has taken four or five times to take off.  I think I've eaten some bad mojo.

Truth is, Fiddlehead so wore me out that I'm in a slump.  My internal alarm starts sounding the moment I start casting on multiple projects within hours of each other.  For me, that is not a good sign.  That means nothing tastes good, I'm just grazing...

Where did it all begin?  Honestly, it began with Fiddlehead.  Alice and I blew through the first mitten and I thought al-right, who 'da man?  who 'da man?!  Then mistakenly I started the lining for that mitten.  Fingering weight yarn on size 2's.  For me, I'd prefer to be shot and put out of my misery.  So I ended up wasting a day's worth of knitting, which caused me to lose all interest and momentum for the second mitten.  Not to mention blocking these mittens was a major pain.  Thankfully Alice bailed me out with directions for a great mitten form.  It may look like prison contraband, but this little do-hicky gets it done.
For some mysterious reason the colorwork for the scrolls causes a major ridge down either side of the pattern.  I tried to adjust to this on my second mitten by knitting it on a long circular instead of dpn's, but that ridge reappeared almost immediately.  I tried everything... switching colors so that that the dominant yarn would be less-dominant, knitting loosely through that change in pattern... ooi.  It was a struggle, that in the end gave me nothing but another ridge. 

So I've spent the last couple of days in cast on... rip off, cast on... rip off mode.   And surfing Ravelry way too much.  (Speaking of patterns... who killed Magknits?)  Oh, and buying WAY too much yarn!  But, I've got to say, buying a butt-load of yarn will improve anyone's mood.  (WARNING:  If you're on that yarn diet, you might want to quit reading here, or proceed at your  own risk.)  First I bought some of that amazing o-wool made by the Vermont Organic Fiber Co.  I purchased a couple of twists of their incredibly soothing tweedy Balance.  It is so soft, and then after a soak it plumps and softens even more.  Ahhhh.  The healing power of tweed.  I have cast on Chevalier and am in heaven.


Then there are the eight skeins of Silk Garden (see picture top 'o page) I just bought to knit the incredibly French and incredibly lovely Clapotis.  Andy's mom is flying out for Annabelle's birthday at the end of this month, and since her own birthday was last month (the plane ticket was our present to her...) I thought this wrap would make a lovely gift as well.   I'm officially on the Clap wagon, but a bit late.  (I can't call it that without snickering...)  And of course Noro, like Malabrigo, can make you light-headed it's so good...
Then there are the six balls of Nashua's Cilantro, in aqua, bought for a certain Unmentionable  pattern that I am now mentioning.   I have high-hopes for this yarn.  It is washable and dryable.  Right now that is sounding oh-so wonderful. 

As for my Fiddleheads, I will be taking pictures of them today and will hopefully post about them tomorrow.  The KAL was a blast, and I think Alice and I just feed each other's yarn addiction.  She's trying to stay away from buying any more and I just keep sending her links of all my recent purchases.  (OMG.  I'm an enabler!)  And I am seriously loving her finished mittens knitted in Ultra Alpaca Light.  What do I love the most you ask?  NO LINING!  They are so full and plump that lining is not necessary.  Then of course there are also these inspiring babies on Flickr that will make any yarn addict completely gorge themselves on alpaca.

So that's where I am!  I don't normally post on things in progress, but I guess a post like this is in order.  Knitting is sometimes an uphill battle.  A mental up-hill battle, that requires as much dogged-determination as it does knit and purl.  So slowly, but surely, I am rediscovering my mojo.  My knitting wheels are starting to turn again and that fire is being stoked... (okay, how many lame clich√©s can I actually string together in one sentence?)  I hope all your projects are moving quickly and with considerable gusto!  If not, please... let me know.  You have my permission to vent here.  After all... misery loves company!  (sorry, just one more for the road.)

----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: BarbDATE: 04/09/2008 01:35:02 PM the blue stuff is very cushy looking. I am glad your knitting mojo is reappearing:)Is that a big pile of noro I see for the Clapotis? I so lust for Noro, but I'm trying to be good.
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Jennifer  DATE: 04/09/2008 10:12:47 PM Oh you are good Barb... and because of it you deserve Noro... ;-)
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Leslie DATE: 04/10/2008 09:24:40 AM Well, you know my mojo has been absent for months...you look like you're bouncing right back, though, with several great projects. Knit on!

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