March 7, 2008

Tastes Just Like Chicken


String Beanerina by Emily Stoneking (aka Crafty Hedgehog)
Malabrigo Worsted Wool, apple green, Cascade 220 wool, soft-pink, and Yarn Bee Airy, tutu pink
knitted on US 3 HiyaHiya DPN's
Ravelers see Olivia here.

No, this isn't an episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.  But where I come from, frog legs are certainly a delicacy!  While I finished Olivia today, her legs and arms hung out in a mason jar until ready to be assembled.  And here she is...


Meet Olivia, my String Beanerina, and a prima ballerina to be sure.  Yesterday I discovered the yarn I was wanting to use for Olivia's tutu on SALE at Hobby Lobby, so I knew it was time to knit her.  There's just something about paying $5.88 for novelty yarn that I can't bear to do.  Especially when I know it probably won't be used again.  So when I saw it marked down to $.99 I was all about making my beanerina.  Then last night I was reading Alice's post on her froggie and was officially inspired.  So today, I give you Olivia.


I love knitting Emily's patterns!  They are so well written and fast!  I started Olivia last night and finished her by noon today.  And I thought Alice's idea of adding pipe cleaners to her froggies legs was brilliant.  But not having any of my own, I got Andy to cut strips of coat hanger for mine, and now her arms and legs can be bent in any number of combinations.  (Believe me, I know, I've been playing with the toys again...)

I didn't make any changes to the pattern.  It knit up so quickly, by the time I would be getting a groove on for a particular section, it was time to shift gears and move on to the next.  What I really love about this pattern is that there are actually three patterns for the price of one; String Beanerina, String Bean, and Marcel the Mime.  All adorable, and amazingly, each with their own personality. 
And it looks like I may actually be on the mend from last week's flu.  This little girl certainly improved any lingering foul mood I may have been experiencing.  She is sweet to look at, fun to play with, and anxious to meet Miss Annabelle at the door when she arrives from school today!

 ----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Jennifer in KS DATE: 03/07/2008 03:53:58 PM LOL. She's adorable, Jennifer. Have you seen Kim's latest creations over at Yarn Abuse? They're cute, too. Even the slug...in its own way. They're on this week's post: http://www.yarnabuse.com/ Oh, BTW, I finished my Cobblestone!
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Myriam  DATE: 03/07/2008 06:03:40 PM Super Cute! You have made so man cute things lately :) i have been dragging with my knitting lately-but its fun looking at yours :) ----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Leslie  DATE: 03/07/2008 06:53:41 PM Oh, now she is cute! Love her bendable legs. In that first photo, her parts actually look like pretty little knit flowers.
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Jennifer DATE: 03/07/2008 08:09:15 PM Hey Jen--I didn't know you had finished Cobblestone, I'm going to go check that out right now! Thanks for the link too. Myriam--I read your Ho Hum post. I'd never heard of that before--dragging into March. But it makes complete sense! Hang in there... I hope you're feeling better! And Leslie... you like her... you really like her! ;-)
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Denise  DATE: 03/09/2008 09:20:23 AM LOL, when I saw your title I thought of frogs legs, then read on to see that's actually what you were talking about. I've had frogs legs only once before, smothered in hot garlic butter at a fancy restaurant and my thoughts were "it tastes like chicken". Love your little frog, she's so cute.
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Alice  DATE: 03/09/2008 04:22:22 PM She's adorable! What did Annabelle think of her when she got home from school? I'm sure she loved her :) I agree, Emily has a really easy to understand pattern writing style, and this is such a cute design. You did such a darling version of it too!

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