January 17, 2008

To fix or not to fix? That is the question.

Well, the votes have been cast, and I am plugging along on my second Norwegian, with deliberate mistakes. You can't imagine how that hurts to write that. Deliberate mistakes? Who on earth makes deliberate mistakes? Apparently me. I do. I admit it. And my brain is in lockdown. I cannot stand to make mistakes, so with knitting, I am always willing to go back and frog. Even happily I would dare to say on some occasions, because I know it's for the good of the knit that I'm doing it. (Remember when your parents said, "This is going to hurt me a lot worse than it hurts you..."?) But this time, I found a glaring boo-boo after I had completely finished the mit. I left out a line! Waaaay back near the beginning. So I was forced to make the choice, do I knit the second mit correctly? or do I deliberately mess it up so it will match the first? AHHHHHH!


I called in reinforcements at the yarn shop and they were direct and to the point. "You gotta mess it up, girl." I appreciate their candor. And I can tell you when I got to that particular line today I wanted to cry. Now I know what my parents meant. But I'm making significant progress now, and can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
And I've been yarn shopping a bit. Recently I keep hearing the term "Yarn Diet" coming up. First time I actually gasped! I already watch what I eat, run, (drink way too much coffee). Now there is a Yarn Diet? If I can't gorge on great yarns what's the point? When it comes to yarn I say carpe diem! Or better, seize the yarn!


Like this great Kona Superwash hand-dyed from Henry's Attic, called Minoan Temple. Yummy.


Or fun Cotton Jeans from Royal Yarns. I picked this yarn for a project I'm starting very soon for Annabelle. Annie inherited my son Ben's Thomas the Tank Engine trains. And, according to her brother, is a "Junior Conductor." I've been wanting to knit her an official conductor's hat for some time, and knew I wanted to use Kiddie Cadet from Kathryn Ivy. This design will be perfect, and the yarn certainly resilient for my junior conductor!
And finally, a great pick-me-up for a frustrating knitting day...


The mailman brought my February issue of Country Living AND I found a new purse at Target! Now that will bring any perfectionist up out of the drama, and get her looking forward to finishing that mit!

----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: julie  DATE: 01/18/2008 03:42:02 AM well done for not frogging - I know how twitchy that makes me too but it is definitely the right way to go! Love that colour combination in the mittens. I'm glad to say I've not encountered a yarn diet yet (sounds like a form of torture to me!) I'm definitely with you - seize the yarn!
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Jennifer  DATE: 01/18/2008 05:17:03 AM carpe laneus! (Seize the wool!) That may be my new motto. : ) And thanks for the support on not correcting. There are plenty of mistakes in my knitting, but to do it on purpose? I'm still wrapping around that one...
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Alice  DATE: 01/18/2008 12:15:08 PM There's a mistake there? No matter how hard I looked I couldn't seen anything wrong with your mitten. I still love them so much! :) The Kiddie Cadet will look great in that yarn! I can't wait to see how it turns out!
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Leslie  DATE: 01/18/2008 05:08:18 PM Well, I'm glad you decided to move ahead instead of frog. I've done it more than once and I've actually gotten a lot less worried about it. As for that yarn, I LOVE the Kona...those are awesome colors! And that purse is from Target? Get out! Looks adorable.
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Jennifer  DATE: 01/20/2008 07:54:37 PM If y'all can't find the mistake, I'm not telling you where it is! ;-)
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Ulla  DATE: 01/21/2008 03:22:28 PM What a horrible thing to be forced to do!!!! I'm sure it will look good anyway......whether you like it or not ;0) Thank you SO much for your sweet comments...They made me very happy :0)

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