October 8, 2010

Wiggin' Out!

Pigs with Wigs [ jenleigh ]'s version.
Pigs with Wigs from Knitting Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec
Project Specs:
Knitted in Cascade 220 and Cascade 220 Heathers, 1 skein pink, less than 1 skein denim, small amounts black and white.
Knit on size US 7  32" circular.

It has been a crazy few months!  I've got sweater bodies littering my workroom and it seems everywhere I turn I see needles poking up from UFO's like weeds in my flowerbeds.  Some things need to be tinked, and others just need to be finished.  But slowly but surely I'll start knocking them out.  Especially if I want to start on Christmas knitting...

I had a couple of free hours the other day and decided to spend them in my local bookstore.  I pulled a few new knitting books from it's shelves and was completely enamored with Anna Hrachovec's latest collection of amigurumi in Knitting Mochimochi.  I've always loved Anna's whimsical patterns but browsing page after page of brightly colored critters in such hilarious and clever positions was more than I could resist.  So, along with a couple of vintage sweater books, I brought this find home, eager to share with little Lu. 

She was immediately taken with this pattern.  And I can't blame her.
I can't look at this little Piggy without cracking up.  I was shocked at how easily the pattern knit up. Especially for a toy!  It's been a long time since I've knit a toy, and it was such a blast!  I soon remembered however how finicky double points and a few stitches are, and had to dig out a 32" inch circular to save the day.  But after that it was smooth sailing.  The pattern is really easy to read and your toy looks surprisingly like the original!  (Which is not always the case with toy knitting...) And then there are the wigs...

Pigs with Wigs comes with four wig options; Awesome Afro, Magnificent Mohawk, Buxom Bob, and Beautiful Beehive.  I opted to kick things off with Beautiful Beehive but have every intention of knitting the others, along with a couple more piglets to complete the collection. 
When working on long-term projects, and finishing up patterns, a sweet little knit like this can not only bring a smile to the knitter, but also provide a fun kick in the pants to finish other things!

Happy Knitting!

----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Leslie  DATE: 10/18/2010 09:59:51 AM Oh, gosh, so cute! (And I'm so happy you're back! And still knitting, too!)
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Jennifer  DATE: 10/19/2010 07:09:29 AM Hey girl! So good to hear from you! This is a great little book... I'm looking forward to knitting more toys (and slippers) from it! =)

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