May 14, 2008

So many flowers, so little time.


Butterfull by Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochi Land.
Knitted in Malabrigo Merino Worsted, small amounts Vetiver, Molly, & Jacinto.
Knitted on US size 6 Crystal Palace DPN's.
Ravelers see her here.

And here is Butterfull, the most recent design of Anna Hrachovec, better known to we knitters as  Mochimochi Land.  And just in case you've been wondering, my friend got the correct pronunciation from Anna and it is pronounced chi like in chicken.  So now we know!  (And I was not saying it correctly.)  Butterfull is my niece Rachel's birthday present I wrote about in my last post, and now, I can package up both Butterfull and Zoe and send them on their way back home.


Butterfull was a lot of fun to knit, and used very little yarn at all.  The hardest thing for me was, as usual, placement!  And all I'm saying is... you can hide a lot in strategically placed photos!  Just thinking of putting on those six little legs again makes me shiver.  Whew... glad that part is over!  But overall I really enjoyed knitting her.  And it never hurts to get your hands on some Malabrigo either!  (Aside to my sister-in-law Tara:  do NOT wash these toys!  They will felt in the washer.  You'll have to hand wash or spot clean, or better yet, just let 'em get loved on.)
I am making one more Butterfull for a toy class we have coming up at the yarn shop, and I am planning on using up some leftover Cascade 220.  And I also plan on sticking to the pattern instructions, including dying and dead flowers.  So sad!


I know I have very little knitting to show lately, we've been house hunting, and things get crazy with that.  Plus with only a week and a half left of school, we've had programs and tests (my third-grader just had to name all the capitals and countries of Western & Eastern Europe.  When did the Soviet Republic dissolve?  JOKE!) ...all that stuff that keeps a mama hopping!  And I have been in a terrible habit lately of starting and frogging.  But I do have several other projects over 75% completed, so my plan is to finish these up over the next couple of weeks and NOT CAST ON ANYTHING NEW.  I'm planning on you guys holding me to it!  (Heh.)  I hope everyones knitting is coming along well!  I've enjoyed seeing a lot of your great FO's on Flickr and Rav.  I guess for me Spring is just a tough time to stay focused on the knits.  There seem to be so many other things that are priority right now, but it sure does feel awkward not to have needles in my hands all the time.  Hopefully that's changing, soon!  Happy Knitting!

----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Denise  DATE: 05/14/2008 06:31:17 PM You always make the cutest toys. I know Butterful will be well loved by your niece. Perhaps I should change to making toys and not tops? Size doesn't matter as much then ;)
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Myriam  DATE: 05/14/2008 07:27:13 PM Adorable!!! I can imagine the leg placement was tricky i have had a project on hold because i know after i do the head i have to do the 6 legs as well-its JuneBug by jess hutch-so dreading it Good luck with house hunting-i know how hard that is!!!
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Leslie  DATE: 05/15/2008 06:41:43 AM Another adorable toy! At least you have *something* to show. My knitting is non-existent now but maybe after graduation I can get it back together.
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Jason  DATE: 05/15/2008 06:53:53 PM I love the wry little smile!
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Jennifer  DATE: 05/15/2008 07:32:00 PM What is it with me and the toys? Ha! This one really did have to be knit for the gift box heading back to Arkansas, but being completely honest, I think I use these little suckers as excuses not to finish all those BIG projects looming... the clap, my sweater, unmentionables, bird in hand... the list goes on and on! And Jason I'm with you, I like that little crooked grin myself! ;-S
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Shannon DATE: 05/16/2008 09:10:07 PM This is a cute little knit. I really like the pattern, and I bet it is super snuggly. I have so many projects in process right now....it's shameless. I am going to focus on working them all to completion this summer.
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Jen in KS  DATE: 05/17/2008 10:35:56 PM Wow, Jennifer, I would have gone blind placing all those adorable bits. It's a great job. The flowers are cute, too!

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