May 23, 2008

One is the Loneliest Number


Dashing by , from Knitty Spring 2007.
Knitted in Cascade 220 Tweed, 7623.
Knitted on Crystal Palace Bamboo circs, US size 6.

Andy has been in Texas all week, and is due to arrive home this afternoon.  So it's been just me and the kiddos finishing up the last of the school year, parties, graduation, sun-burning track and field day...  you know, the typical weaving in of the end of the semester.  And I've actually gotten a bit of knitting accomplished, if you consider lone mittens and fingerless mitts as FO's.  I just started my Dashing Mitts yesterday afternoon and I gotta say, LOVE THEM!  I sort of felt like if I didn't cast on something tweedy soon I was going to go mad.  And I've got tons (tons I tell ya!) of yummy Cascade Tweed squirreled away for Andy Lee's Cobblestone, so what's one little skein?  Yummy is what it is!  I love this yarn!  I have never used it before and had some special ordered for the Cobblestone.  It is really a lovely yarn, and of course, it's Cascade, which means reasonably priced too.  This mitt took only around three hours from start to finish, and I'm really itching to get started on the second one.  I never thought I would be a fingerless mitt type o' gal, but it completely fits my personality!  I guess you never know until you try, right?


I'm knitting the smallest size of this pattern on US size 6 circulars in magic loop.  I have really small wrists and it's starting to loosen up on me as I wear it.  But if my wrists were larger, say a medium, I would definitely knit the larger size.  I'm considering steam blocking them slightly, but I really don't want to loose that great cabley texture, so the jury's still out on that one.  My plan is to finish it's mate up this afternoon and evening, and then chill out with my guy once he's had a moment to unwind.  (Yeah right!  Our kids will be all over him like white on rice.) And because of the name, Dashing, I have this mental picture of Colin Firth.  So you know what that means... yep, I'm gonna finish this knit while watching a little Pride & Prejudice.  To me, Colin remains perpetually Mr. Darcy, and 30 years old. 

And while I'm sharing partially FO's, I thought I'd show you just one more.  Only this one, I really wish I had knit myself, and really must get cracking on it's mate as well. 


This is one little lonely Monkey, as per Becca, my good friend and very patient knitting partner.  One night after we had finished teaching our knitting classes we all went to the Anchor for drinks.  And of course I opened my ginormous mouth and said, "I can totally finish a pair of socks if someone else knitted one for me!"  Hence was born the ADD Sock-Club, and as co-founding member I can truly say, it is living up to it's name!  Becca had finished my Monkey sock in two days... I have cast on once and frogged due to sizing issues.  It's still sitting in the bag to be finished.  Ooi.  Should I tell you that we are knitting Jaywalker for her and I am only about five inches into it?  Probably not... but I love the yarn she selected, and I've got to say for all my belly-aching about socks, it really is the most comfortable, albeit lonely, sock in my drawer! 

----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Leslie  DATE: 05/23/2008 04:48:54 PM Ah-ha! You're becoming a sock knitter...there's no going back now!
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Crystal  DATE: 05/23/2008 08:16:31 PM Oh, they're just gorgeous. Your pictures are always so lovely too. Thanks for the nice compliments on my silly old bear hat. It was a request from a friend and I couldn't find a decent Winnie the Pooh hat to knit, so I made it up! ----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Jen in KS  DATE: 05/23/2008 09:18:25 PM Mmm. Your Dashing is darling. ;) And I've been longing for tweed. Know of any that comes in cotton?
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: Vanessa  DATE: 05/24/2008 12:44:43 AM How did I not know Cascade made a tweed yarn??? It's gorgeous! I love that Monkey too!
----- COMMENT: AUTHOR: katie  DATE: 05/28/2008 03:08:44 AM all my hand knitted socks look like that !! the other sock just never seems to materialise! so I wear them odd....

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